My Priorites

Commissioner Tamara Pogue of Summit County, Colorado joins Scott Fitzwilliams as they sign historic lease agreement with US Forest Service.

Signing the historic lease agreement with the US Forest Service, enabling the ability for Summit County and the Forest Service to partner on a workforce housing project in Dillon, Colorado.

My First Term

  • As a champion for workforce housing, I provided leadership to convert three underused hotels in Summit County which created 150 affordable housing units for 152 County residents
  • We reduced stress on the Quandary trailhead system and mitigated overuse and environmental damage to this popular trailhead through a free-for-locals shuttle and parking reservation program
  • Knowing the government can’t solve the housing crisis, I focused on a multi-prong strategy that includes incentives for the private sector like waiving building and permit fees for workforce housing
  • I helped address our services shortages and delays by increasing our staffing levels from 50% to 90%, improving snowplowing, public safety, and 911 response times
  • Because I understand the anxiety among county homeowners about rising residential property taxes, I supported reducing the county mill levy to provide property tax relief
  • I’m proud to have led the establishment of a specialized grants team that has brought in more than $50 million in funding for County services and programs. This includes a major grant under review that would provide funding to re-construct Swan Mountain Road
  • Significant accomplishments in housing include our innovative Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) stock plan (free, pre-approved plans available to property owners) and a grant program to incentivize their construction
  • The Larkspur, a collaborative project with the Town of Breckenridge, is the first modular apartment complex in the state and will be opening in June. I’m leading three other projects across the County that will help increase available housing for our workforce. This includes signing a historic lease with the Forest Service that will provide housing for staff including wildland firefighters.

Standing up for the best of Summit County

I’m extremely proud of our community and our organization. In the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to work with a talented group of colleages and staff to help bring stability to the County post-COVID and focus on improving lives.

We’ve accomplished so much in just over three years, but we have much more to do. If re-elected, I will continue my focus on families, our workforce, and the small businesses that make Summit County a unique place to live, work, and play.