My Priorites

Aila, Anja, and Graham joined me in 2018 to film a video in support of the 1A campaign, which continues to fund important priorities for the county such as childcare, wildfire mitigation, recycling, and mental health.


  • Create an Office of Economic Development including leaders from business, environment, philanthropic, government, education, and workforce
  • Support the Chamber’s SSERT initiative, a county-wide business task force to put all ideas on the table for longer-term mitigation from COVID crisis
  • Explore measures in a roundtable setting to rebuild the county post-COVID that would explore business and workforce diversification opportunities, putting weight behind the Summit Chamber’s Prosperity Initiative, and reinvigorating our commitment to open space, environmental, and sustainability programs
  • Advocate for curbing climate change, including support for the implementation of the Summit Climate Action Plan and “Zero Energy Ready Homes”  (See more environmental priorities here)
  • Increase our childcare provider workforce and infrastructure plans using funds from 1A
  • Ensure government transparency and accountability when it comes to funding programs—make the case to the community before asking for more money
  • Increase our mental health provider base from 1A and work with organizations like Building Hope to continue outreach programs, particularly for those impacted by COVID-19
  • Fund innovative measures to improve attainable housing inventory and access, particularly in rental units. This includes buy-down programs and creating incentives for property owners who help address needs
  • End the pursuit to condemn the Fiester preserve. Restart the conversation around senior housing needs by evaluating current facility purposes and locations for future projects
  • Where advantageous, work with neighboring counties to explore partnerships that address healthcare, joint housing and childcare needs, assisted living, transit opportunities, wildfire safety, and mountain corridor travel
  • Establish a County-wide Social Equity Commission with a focus on prioritizing prevention strategies and funding human service programs
  • Advocate for walkable communities and open space for preservation from development and recreation
  • Continue to bring down costs of healthcare while working on healthier outcomes for county residents in the areas of smoking, vaping, chronic healthcare management, and aging




Standing up for the best of Summit County

In this unprecedented, almost surreal time we’re in, thinking about how we transition from staying at home to rebuilding our community is on the minds of most I’ve talked to during my campaign.

My first priority as a commissioner will be to work with leaders across the state and in our community—business, government, service, non-profit, and philanthropic—both to leverage state and federal funds and make sure community voices are heard.

The good news is that we will eventually see an end to the COVID crisis. The tough conversations about restoring lost revenues, lost wages, and county infrastructure will need to be had.

But rather than simply flipping the switch back to February 2020, there will be opportunities to shape Summit going forward. This will require vision, collaboration, and action.

My priorities, if elected, reflect my background, experience, and my values. I believe they’re focused on outcomes that capture the community we’re proud to be a part of and hope to see emerge better than ever.